Is It a Good Time to Invest in Gold in 2012?

For decades many have invested in gold and for most, it has proven to be a good investment. However, before making an investment in gold, it is best to consider all aspects of gold. Investing in a gold coin is another way to invest in gold.With gold and silver, there is usually a limited supply and in the past decade, the demand for gold has increased. Common sense will tell you that when the price of a certain item rises and the demand is less than what is in supply, the value of the item-such as gold–will increase.One big advantage with gold is that it can be melted down and turned into jewelry. Many foreign countries like India love jewelry-hence the value of gold for jewelry, rises. When a person invests in gold there are two basic advantages that come with it such as being a secure way to invest in one’s future. With economic times as they are and if an emergency arises, the value of gold will go up and of course, be of help in that emergency. Another advantage of buying gold is that it can be used as an alternative currency. Gold coin values fluctuate according to the economic twists and turns of an economy.Buying gold is actually another way to invest in currency and future growth. When the value of the dollar drops, then gold and other investments usually rise and this helps to preserve the value of your current wealth. For many buying gold offers diversification in one’s investments. Investing in gold coin is a great investment option.When it comes to deciding how much gold one should invest in, some say that between 10% and 25% should be invested in gold. The best kind of gold coin investment is “government-minted bullion coins.” Gold coin investments are worthwhile and are quite productive.Gold coin option investments can be investments that adds value to your portfolio. Coin collections are also another way to invest. Other examples of coin investments are: Bars, Bullion, Silver Coins and silver bullions. For more information on coin investments, talk with a financial advisor.The most popular investment coins are the Krugerrand, which is government minted in South Africa. The US Eagle, minted in the United States of America and recognised as an investment quality coin world-wide. If you are in the UK or Europe, then you will probably buy the British Sovereign and Britannia. Both minted by the Royal mint and also traded globally. In the UK the Sovereign and Britannia are exempt from Capital Gains Tax, making them and highly sought after investment.In answer to the question, “Is it a Good Time to Invest in Gold in 2012,” the answer is a resounding, yes!

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